Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Wednesday March 9, 2016-Old Cotton Gin RV Park

I said that I would add some photos of this cool little park where we are attending the West Texas chapter of the Heartland Owners Club inaugural rally in Quanah Texas.

The office is located in the actual building that was the Quanah Cotton Gin. The park is actually in Goodlet TX but since there is no post office here, They use Quanah as their mailing address.

The lady that owns the park has done a good job of accumulating antiques from the area and displaying them in the old cotton ginning room that we now use as a meeting room or rally hall.

An old cotton sack sitting on a two wheel dolly in front of the wooden cotton gin.

The metal contraption is the dryer for the cotton that has been ginned.

More equipment in the ginning room.

This is one of two of these tables that came from an old Luby's Cafeteria that was being remodeled and re-purposed here. 

An old-style kitchen pantry cabinet.

This is an old ice box. In the olden days, people used blocks of ice to chill and preserve their food.

An old gas stove. 

An old wood stove/fireplace that we will likely use while we are here.

Our site at the park. We will fill up the park with Heartland trailers. After retiring, I have become fascinated by the history of these older places. I talked to the owner of the park and learned that the old wooden cotton gin was built some time in the 1800's and the metal dryer in bout 1931. They were last used in 1976. If I learn any more about the history of this place, I'll let you know. I want to do some research on Quanah and will put it in another entry, so stay tuned...

So long.

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Jim Miner said...

Very interesting Jay. Looking forward to more comments about this place. Everyone have fun.
See ya at the Branson rally.