Monday, June 6, 2016

Monday June 6, 2016-Moving Day-Basswood R Resort to Checotah KOA,

We were up early to get started on packing up to move toward Texas. It's a total of almost 900 miles back to Dickinson and we wanted to get a good start today. Things went well with the load-up and we pulled out a few minutes after 9, or right about on time.

We were delayed for a few minutes by Chapter Leader Larry, when he had a low tire on his trailer. He stopped by Roy's place to get some air and found the problem was a leaking valve stem. The tires and valves are brand new, so there is no reason for this to happen. We learned later in the day that he got the tire repaired but then had a bigger problem with a broken spring hanger on the trailer. Bummer!

We were soon on the road and made good time. Stella was outstanding, waiting almost an hour and a half before having to make a pit stop! I know I make a big deal of her frequent bathroom stops, but someday we'll look back on these stories and have a good laugh. And besides that, you may have these same issues yourself and get a laugh about hers.

It was a glorious day to drive, with warm temperatures and clear skies and we made excellent time. I am puzzled by the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority and their policy of collecting fees near the end of the Indian Nation Turnpike and then refunding a portion of the money when you exit. It seems to me that it would be much more efficient to eliminate one toll booth and charge people as they exit the pike, charging the correct amount. So much for my rant!

We pulled into the beautiful little Checotah KOA about 4:30. We have stayed here a couple of times before and like it. They usually have a small cafe that is open for breakfast and supper but today the cook was sick, so no fresh supper for us tonight. Oh well, we made do and will continue our trip tomorrow. We will lose our traveling partners tomorrow when Dave and Nancy peel off to go to their home in Terrell. We will continue on to Fairfield tomorrow and Dickinson on Wednesday. Those doctors need some payment made on their fancy cars, so we'll do our part.

So long.

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