Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Wednesday June 8, 2016-Moving Day-Checotah KOA to I-45 RV Park, Fairfield TX

We made up for yesterday by having everything ready to go early this morning. We don't usually put much "stuff" out on an overnight stay and this was no exception. I had left our chairs out after we sat outside with Dave and Nancy yesterday afternoon, so that was all that I had to put away this morning. The pack up went very well and we pulled out about 8:50 this morning.

We made a nice drive along US 69 in Oklahoma and much of it has been resurfaced and it was a nice drive. We had one "instant karma" situation when we came into a construction zone. The left lane ended with several signs warning drivers to merge and when the lane began to actually close, one pickup driver decided that he didn't want to be behind two trailers and tried to come around Dave to cut in front of him. Unfortunately there was not enough room for him to squeeze in and he hit one of those orange barrels. I don't think it caused any damage to his truck but it probably caused some bad words and hurt feelings but it served him right. We all had a laugh about it when we stopped at the Texas Welcome Center just inside the border. We said our goodbyes to Dave and Nancy here with hugs and handshakes. We have been traveling with them since March and have made all the rallies except the Louisiana rally when they had to go home. 

I noticed something else while traveling today. I know and have seen almost everyone that sees an emergency vehicle stopped on the shoulder change lanes to give them a wide berth. Did you know that the same law applies to vehicles on the inside median? I saw a motor cop with a car stopped in the middle median and two cars just sped on by without slowing or changing lanes. Just a word to the wise...

I was gratified to note the number of comments from friends and family about my medical issues. Thanks to everyone that left me a note, they are appreciated. I have an appointment with my cardiologist on Monday, the first date he had open. We won't be back in Dickinson until tomorrow afternoon and he doesn't take patients on Friday or the weekend, so I'll get checked out on Monday.

We drove a little over 300 miles, just about the perfect number, and found this place on the Internet. It is brand new place and there is NOTHING here. There is an empty office and a laundry room with one washer and dryer and a drop box for you to leave your money. The sites need a little more gravel and the grass needs mowing but the electricity works well and there is good water pressure, so it's all good. Maybe our trailer here will attract others, who knows. 

One thing I remembered about yesterday's entry. Rex lives near Lake Eufaula. It is the largest capacity lake in the state of Oklahoma with a volume of 2,099,000 acre feet, a surface area of 102,000 acres and 600 miles of shoreline. A pretty good size pond by Texas standards. I remember that a lot of trophy fish have come out of this lake. The thing I noticed yesterday was that someone with a sense of humor named one of the roads Lotawatah. There is indeed a lotta water around here. 

That's all I got, be home tomorrow.

So long.

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