Monday, June 6, 2016

Sunday June 4, 2016-Basswood RV Resort

Well, the Missouri spring rally is over and it was a great one! Our friend and Missouri chapter member, Roy and his wife Sally did a great job of researching attractions in the area, some of which he had a personal interest in. Roy is a retired Deputy Sheriff and at one time he lived in the Jesse James farmhouse museum. He actually lived in the basement for a few years, furnishing security for the property. He was full of stories of incidents that happened there.

I'm sure that everyone knows the story of Frank and Jesse James. The suburbs of Kansas City are where he lived and committed his first bank robbery (another story). The farmhouse belonged to Jesse's mother Zerelda and her husband, and upon Jesse's death, his body was brought there for burial in the front yard. The story is that she slept in her room with a view of the grave site to keep lookers away. The original stone marker over the grave was approximately 7 feet tall but people came and chipped off pieces of the stone as a keepsake and all that remains of it is now about 2 1/2 feet tall.

We also went over to St. Jo to see the house where Jesse was killed by Bob Ford, one of his gang members. They had come to this house to hide out from the law, and since Jesse had a large reward out for him, when Jesse climbed on a chair to straighten a picture, Ford shot him. The picture and chair is still in the house as well as a hole in the wall, where it came out of Jesse's head. I took photos of the farmhouse and the house where Jesse was killed, but right now I am having Internet problems and am not able to load them. 

Actually, I am going to close out this entry without finishing up telling about the sights we saw because I am tired from driving today. When we get to Dickinson, we are supposed to have a better Internet service and I will finish it then. Please return and I promise to have photos and more stories.

So long.

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