Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Monday May 30, 2016-Moving Day-Ozark RV Park to Basswood RV Resort, Platte City MO

We were up early to get packed up to leave this morning. After a quick shower and breakfast, I went out to get started. Some of my work had been done yesterday and Stella had gotten a lot of her work done too. I stopped by the office to say goodbye to Andy, the park owner and others that were there to drink coffee and probably stayed longer than I should have, but it's a nice friendly place and I know we'll be back.

I stopped off to say goodbye to a new friend named Tommy who has a new Bighorn. He is considering putting disk brakes on his trailer and I wanted to talk to him about them. As soon as I got back, we loaded the trailer onto the truck and we were on our way! It was bittersweet to leave, but as I said, we'll be back!

We made good time and made our first stop (for Stella) in Leslie, a small town about 30 miles away. Actually, her frequent stops worked out well for us, giving us a chance to stretch our legs, and we actually made pretty good time. We ran into some pretty heavy rain around Carthage Missouri, but no problems occurred. We pulled into the park here about 4:30, not a bad time considering the stops we made. 

We did have a little Oh-Oh when we got here. The switch for the front landing gear refused to work but we managed to use the leveling control to get things done and I will call Lippert and get a new switch ordered. 

It's good to be here for the last chapter rally of the spring and we'll soon be going back to Dickinson for doctor visits and to get Stella's eyes operated on. Wish us luck!

So long.

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