Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Tuesday June 7, 2016-Checotah KOA

I got an early start this morning, and ate a light breakfast of a leftover sweet roll. I got dressed and decided to go for a walk around the park. I walked nearly a mile when I was offered a cup of coffee by the KOA employees on the back porch of the office. Having been here a few times before, I knew that there was a morning group of coffee drinkers that gathered there, so I poured myself a cup and chatted with them for a few minutes before returning home to begin the preparations to leave.

I began to feel bad with chest pains and heart palpitations. I went inside and began to feel worse, sweating and clammy feeling. I sat down in my chair and asked Stella to call an ambulance because we didn't trust our blood pressure monitor. I took a couple of baby aspirin and my regular medicines and it seemed like as soon as Stella gave the ambulance workers the directions to the RV park, I began to feel better and by the time they arrived, I was feeling fine. They took my blood pressure and although it was a bit high, not dangerously high at 150/100. A few minutes later they took it again and got readings of 140/82, or getting back into a better range. I was still feeling good and declined to go to the hospital with them. After signing the proper forms, they left.

We decided to stay here for another day to rest and not take a chance on havng a medical issue while driving. I went over to talk to Dave and to tell hi of our decision. He said that they would stay as well, so it was settled. I came back inside and napped in my chair and woke feeling much better. 

We decided to go eat later in the afternoon in nearby Checotah, but while Dave drove over there I got a call from the Oklahoma Chapter Leaders Rex and Stacey, inviting us to come over to their house in Henryetta after we ate, about 20 miles from Checotah. We decided to drive to Henryetta to eat at the Classic Diner there. The meal was good and we were all hungry and enjoyed out meal. After finishing our meal we drove out into the country to Rex and Stacey's house where we visited with them until almost 8PM. It ended up being a good day and we were glad that we had stayed. We'll continue our journey home tomorrow and Dave and Nancy will go home. 

So long.

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Intergalactic Traveler said...

What was in that coffee? :-)

Rex Bristol