Thursday, June 9, 2016

Thursday June 9, 2016-Moving Day-I-45 RV Park to Maruna Bay/Lake Cove Resort, Dickinson TX

I woke pretty early to check everything including the outside TV antenna. We are the only mobile RV in this park and we were a little nervous about being the nicest rig here, with a busy freeway right in front of us. Of course everything was just fine, but it didn't hurt to check.

I went in to take a shower and was very surprised when there was no hot water. The water had been warm when I first got in but then began to get colder. I figured that I was already rinsed down and went ahead with my cold shower. I felt much better when I was through, and you can bet that I had something to say to the inside queen of the trailer. It was only when I asked about turning the water heater on that she remembered that she hadn't flipped the switch. Oh well, it woke me up! 

We made but one stop at the rest area near Huntsville, which was fine but soon after starting out again we hit a large traffic backup. Police and firemen had side streets and cross roads blocked off but we never actually saw anything to cause the backup. We saw some burn marks on the shoulder of the road but no burned vehicle. We saw a couple of disabled vehicles, probably from overheating but no obvious problems. All I know is that it slowed us down by about 30 minutes. It really didn't matter to me, but Stella had her stops planned out and thought she could make it from the Huntsville stop to Dickinson. She did make it, but just barely!

We pulled into the Lake Cove Resort and met Suzy, the friendly manager who got us all checked in and processed. We had a bit of backing in problem but a nice neighbor, Chris, helped guide me back into the site, so we were soon done. I had forgotten how hot it is in south Texas in the summer. And to think I spent many years here in Dickinson, working in the Patrol Division, outside in the blistering heat. Wow, I must have been tough, or maybe I just got soft. I remember coming home with a wringing wet tee shirt from my ballistic vest and dark shirt in the heat. Glad that is over!

Grandson Cameron had a minor traffic accident this afternoon. He was rear-ended and luckily not injured. At least no one got hurt and both drivers had insurance. 

So long.

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Bsummit said...

Tell Stella that just barely was good enough, she made it. Glad you made it safe. keep us posted after Monday at the Dr.