Thursday, September 15, 2016

Monday September 12 to Wednesday September 14, 2016-Moving day-Mill Creek Ranch to Johnson Creek Resort, Ingram TX

We left Canton at last on Monday morning, traveling with Dave and Nancy & Larry and Mary Ann. We left right on time at 9am, and made good time. It was a long drive but there was little traffic and we arrived here at Ingram with no issues or problems. We were all tired and glad to be here. This is nut a bad park, with lots of pecan trees giving good shade. Pecan trees are messy with leaves that turn brown and a sort of moss from the trees that contains a sap that will stain. The park has one employee that goes around to clean the pedestals and wipe the sap off.

The good news when we arrived was that the Dish Network box began to work again. There is a green power light that comes on when the box is plugged in and a blue HDMI light that soon comes on. While in Canton the blue light didn't come on but here it did. I don't know why it began to work again, but I'll take it! We have our satellite back now and it's one less thing that we need to be reimbursed for. And, to bring this matter up to date, I have been in contact with Mill Creek and they first denied coverage for the damage but I spoke with Dorinda again this morning and it has been returned to the insurance company and they are trying to decide whether they will pay. It seems open and shut to me, their equipment damaged our RV and they have a responsibility to pay for the damage. We'll have to wait and see...

Yesterday we went to Lowe's and bought a new convection/microwave. Since this is Stella's primary cooking instrument, it is a must-have. At this point, we are back to normal after the damage; television working on satellite, convection/microwave works (and has been cooked with) and most importantly, the new coffee pot works well.

Now for the rally to begin! Almost everyone has arrived, so the fun will start soon! 

So long.

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