Monday, September 26, 2016

Sunday September 25, 2016-Bauer's Ranch Canyon RV Park

Today we went to visit the Bryce Canyon National Park. It is about 50 miles or about an hour drive. The drive was nice but the park is spectacular! With our National Park Pass (AKA old people pass), we got in for free. We got on the 1:30 Rainbow Point tour that took us to several scenic overlooks and the driver (Randy) was excellent. He had many stories to tell about the park and his adventures as a driver. He also knew a lot about the park, the animals there and the flora and fauna found there.

I have attached some photos taken at the park but they don't do justice to the grandeur and beauty found here.

This tree is a Bristlecone Pine tree that grows out of rocks occasionally. The tree will never get very big because of its poor roots but is otherwise interesting.

I am very disappointed that my photos that I have loaded onto this page did not turn out as well as they usually do, but I will try again on some others. I hope that you can make out what I saw when taking these pictures. I've told you about the bad Internet connections here. I will load more tomorrow and see how they come out. Please bear with me.

So long.

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