Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Thursday September 8, 2016-Mill Creek Ranch Resort

Today began pretty early because I am going to a concealed handgun class, since my retiring police department does not want to carry my retired peace office handgun license. 

The class was attended by several other rally attendees and was actually a lot of fun. I got to tell a few stories of events in my career. We all did well on the test (I aced it) and we drove over with Jason and Audra to a private gun club in Ben Wheeler, a tiny town near Canton to qualify with our guns. We all passed with flying colors. They don't actually grade the results but merely record a pass/fail. I was very proud of Nancy, who shot a handgun for the first time, passing like the rest of us.

We returned home to drop off our weapons and went our to eat at the Jalapeno Tree with Dave and Nancy and had a great meal. It had been so hot at the gun range and we were all dehydrated and very thirsty. I think we all drank two or three glasses of water. After finishing our meal, we came back home to the best news of the day-TV!!

Stella had called the guy in Tyler-Chapman's Advanced Satellite Systems- and had gotten instructions on how to re-program the dish to pick up our  TV stations and....success! I've got a little tweaking to do, but all in all, we're good. It was good to watch Hi Def TV again.

Tired but happy

So long. 

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