Thursday, September 29, 2016

Monday September 26, 2016-Bauer's Canyon Ranch RV Park

Today we went to visit the Cedar Breaks National Monument that is near us here in Glendale Utah. I've gotta tell you, there is a LOT to see in this area of Utah. We've always thought that Colorado and Wyoming are the most beautiful, but man, after visiting here, it's a hard call. These pictures don't do justice to the actual area. You will just have to visit and see for yourself.

There are RV parks and motels that are closer to these attractions but we are here for an RV club chapter rally and this location was the best for us. I feel pretty sure that we'll return here, just not sure when it will be.

There is a lot of fall color here. Not as much as other areas of the country, but the colors are brilliant here with some red colors that we haven't seen a lot of.

I saw several small amounts of snow under trees and other sheltered places. I'm not sure when this snow fell, but since it's 10,000 feet+, I feel certain that this is fresh.

Can you make out the different shades of color in the water? They are beautiful!

We spent all morning here and went back home by a different route, through the small town of Panguitch Utah. It's a historic and beautiful little town that is nestled in a valley near some of the majestic attractions of Utah and we are sorry that we didn't get to see more of it. 

On a personal note, we stopped to get something to eat while in town. We both had coffee with our meals, without asking for decaf. As you may know, we were both taken off regular coffee some time ago but decided to "live dangerously" and drink the real thing. This was around 2pm, but after returning home, visiting with our friends here, neither of us could sleep. We finally laid down about 2am but I didn't sleep very well. Lesson learned...

So long.

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