Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Saturday September 10, 2016-Mill Creek Ranch RV Resort

Saturday began as just another rally day. I had agreed to plug in the coffee pot early enough for it to be ready when people began coming in for breakfast in the rally hall. We were locked out of the hall, so I had to take the coffee pot over and plug it in to an outside plug.

We went back over for breakfast and had a really good time visiting with the new folks at the rally and of course, with out old friends that were here. We stayed over in the hall for a couple of hours and I came home to check on Tramp. It was then that I found that the television wasn't working, the air conditioners, nor anything else in the living/dining room. Wow! Stella soon came in and said she smelled smoke in the rear of the trailer. I went outside and couldn't find anything amiss, so we kept looking. Soon, one of our Heartland friends, Rex, came over with a tester that he had built and discovered that the park 50 amp breaker was bad, with one leg of the breaker being dead. I contacted the park to tell them and their repairman-the same one that came out on Tuesday to replace the plug- came over and immediately showed his displeasure with the home made tester, but agreed to change out the breaker. 

The commotion and activity soon attracted the attention of several other Heartland "workers" who pitched in and went to work on the problem. I helped where I could but before too long the heat got to me and I was forced by y friends to go seek shelter and take it easy. Jason, Rex, Tim and Dave as well as others worked on the trailer all afternoon. We later found that we were getting 230 volts to the coffee pot and apparently other items, which had been damaged.

It was finally determined that the cause of the problem was, back on Tuesday when we arrived and had the original problem with a loose connection with the park pedestal, this caused my power cord which was plugged in, to vibrate and arc electricity, which deteriorated and caused the problems that we have now. Jason had a spare 50 amp extension cord, so he cut off one end and wired everything back up. Jason had a master electrician that he called to tell him what had been done to double check all the work and he said everything sounded good, so one by one the breakers were turned back on and nothing started smoking or made funny noises, and all the electric issues were repaired. 

I tell you again, it's nice to have so many talented friends. I forgot to mention back in the beginning of this repair saga that I had called a couple of RV technicians in the area but no one worked on weekends. I realize that they work very hard, but most people use their trailers on the weekends and need work done when they are out in their unit.

I did some damage inventory  and while doing so found that the 110-12 volt converter that I thought had been damaged was in fact working as was the television, which operated on park cable. The antenna would now search for satellites but would not lock in. I plugged in my neighbor Mike's box and it worked, so my box must be bad. the microwave/convection oven did not come on when plugged in but the turntable would slowly turn, so it is out.

So, the damaged items from this accident were:
50 amp power cord
2-110/12 volt converters
the Dish Network controller box
Frigidaire Microwave/Convection oven
coffee maker

We have been in touch with Mill Creek and were told that they will contact their insurance company and get back to us. Wish us luck in our claim.

So long.

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Michael Barnett said...

Oh my, hope the park makes good on that!