Sunday, September 25, 2016

Saturday September 24, 2016-Bauer's Canyon Ranch RV Park

We slept in on our first full day in Utah, for a well-deserved "catch up and rest" day. We planned to wash our dirty clothes and take a drive around the area, but plans change...

I took Stella and the clothes across to the washateria and came back home. About 45 minutes later, when Stella had just started drying the clothes, the power went out in the park. She stopped by the office to check and found out that this happens from time to time and usually it is out for only 15 minutes or so. She waited and waited....for about 4 hours before power returned. I had gone for a walk and had just stepped into the office to ask if they knew what the problem was when the lights came back on. By now it was too late to go for a ride, so we just stayed home.

The cell phone service is terrible here. We don't have a good cell connection, so if you call us, you may or may not get us. We heard from Nancy early this morning but were never able to get connected. We'll catch up with them later.

Our neighbors had another campfire under their canopy just after dark. It was nice to sit around and visit, exchanging stories of our travels and adventures. This was the second evening of having a campfire and we are enjoying it a lot. Looking forward to many more as friends arrive.

So long.

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Intergalactic Traveler said...

That's why Karen had me purchase a generator, washer, and dryer.