Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Friday February 10, 2017-Cottonwood RV Park

I am fast-forwarding through the events so far this month to bring you up to date. Today was my date with the dentist to have surgery on my mouth. That's kind of redundant isn't it? Where else would one go for dental surgery than a dentist? 

I followed Dr. Flores' instructions of having a nice lunch before coming in for my 2 o'clock appointment and was glad I did. We had been eating out as much as possible, trying to get in all of the foods that I love because there won't be much eating- anything- for the rest of our time here. We went to the China Sea buffet restaurant for my "last meal" and we enjoyed it. The food is fresh-made and plentiful.

I was right on time for my surgery and we got started promptly at 2. I had a woman surgeon to do my work and all went well except that she spoke little or no English. It all worked out because she basically only said "open wide, or open wider" and I understood that. There was a little pain until they got the anesthetic doses out, and then all was well. It was very tiresome, sitting with my mouth wide open for three hours but we got it done. I only felt discomfort on a couple of the teeth and I didn't even feel the four intact teeth when they were removed, but let me tell you, I was ready to be done at the end!

I was in much pain for the first two nights, but luckily I had plenty of pain killing meds and made it through the nights. I didn't even think about food, so that wasn't a problem. By Sunday I was able to get some Boost liquid down and later ate some ice cream, so I wasn't in danger of starving. I knew it was important to keep hydrated and took Amoxicilin three times a day per doctors orders and once the swelling went down and the little scratches in my mouth recovered and I was able to sleep through the night.

At least the bad part is done!

So long.

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