Monday, February 6, 2017

Sunday January 22,2017-Inks Lake State park

Well, here I am again, and further behind than ever! Where shall I begin? Today was our last day at Inks Lake and as usual we had a great time meeting many new people (campers in the park and hunters participating in the deer hunts) as well as several new camp-host friends. It is really hard to leave a place that seems so much like a home but we'll be back next fall and make even more new friends and hopefully see many of our host friends again.

The deer hunts went really well and most of the hunters were successful and enjoyed themselves. I hear that there is talk of expanding both the ADA hunt and also adding another novice hunt, but that decision is made in Austin. Have to wait until next year to find out. I didn't take many photos due to rivacy concerns.

Chip and Bunky will be staying and will probably be leaving in March or April. Chip said that they may take few days to drive down to Mission to check out parks there. Rob and Vickie will be returning to Missouri but have said they will be back next year. Glyn is staying in the park for as long as he can. Mike and Gigi recently retired from the Army and will be moving to the Fort Hood area, where she has found a job.

Remember that I said that there were some problems in the park with the park policeman? Well, it seems to have settled down and there have not been any further issues, so we're hoping that this is so.

I did get into an evaluator position with Glowstep Revolution steps, thanks to our friends Tony and Erika. They sent me a set of their 25 steps, which I installed with help from my friend Chip. We love them, with their much steadier steps which do not "give" like the factory steps. We have used them while on the road traveling and they are easy to fold out and set up. The big thing is, they passed the "Stella test" and she likes them too.

We are leaving here to return to Dickinson for doctor appointments. We will have 8 appointments between us in 7 days there. Our last visit will be the morning that we leave for Mission. It should go fine and I don't anticipate any problems.  Wish us luck, please.

So long.

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