Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Monday February 7, 2017-Cottonwood RV Park

We have arrived in the Valley and actually hit the ground running. Four of our friends are already here in our park. We began by going over to Mexico just to look around and shop for a bit. I decided to visit my dentist to let him look at my mouth and the work he has to do. I am glad that I did because he told me that he will actually do my work next Friday with  temporary set of dentures and to make a long story short, he will make me a new set of teeth but I must return in June or July after my gums have a chance to heal. This simplifies our travel plans after the Goshen rally. We will come back down here from Goshen and then just hang out for a month or so and have my cataract surgery. But its another hot summer stay in Texas...

Our friends (and President of the Owner Club, Jim and his wife Nancy) had arrived the same day that we did. Other friends, Kevin and Nelly are at the same park in Pharr TX. and Ken and Kathy are at their park, Retama Village

We spent as much time with the off-site friends as we could, going out to eat and making another trip over to Mexico, but that came after our two Heartland events, a Meet and Greet for Heartland owners at Retama Village and our annual dealer open house at the Ron Hoover dealership. Both the events went very well, with good turnouts. We had not really expected much, since we had not gotten the word out prior to the events, but it worked out very well.

We had made plans to drive down to south Padre Island for the kite festival, but as the day grew closer, we read that there is a high percentage of rain and high winds, so we cancelled the trip. 

We have a favorite restaurant that we go to when we make the trip to SPI, Dirty Al's in Port Isabel. Since we didn't get to go, we found a new location for Dirty Al's in McAllen. We decided to try it and were pleasantly surprised. The view is not as good as the location in Port Isabel, but the food was comparable. We had a very good meal with our friends and would return.

Jim and Nancy and Kevin and Nelly left over the weekend for Santo TX and the Texas Sweetheart rally there. It has recently moved from Kerrville and hope they find a good home to this rally. It was a fun time and we hope to return some day.

More fun in the valley to come. 
So L

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Intergalactic Traveler said...

Jay, it was on the news tonight that McAllen's malls and some other shopping areas have less people shopping and the parking lots are empty. Do you see that? They blame it on the current border situation. But since McAllen is the poorest urban city in the U.S. due to the poor immigrants, it would seem that they are moving elsewhere. What's the latest news on that situation down there?