Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Monday August 29, 2011-Elkhart Campground

I guess its getting to be the fall season up here. It was 54 degrees this morning and the quilt felt really good! Its amazing how snuggly the normally aloof dogs get when it gets cool. It warmed up soon and became a very nice day.

I didn't do a lot today but Stella worked on her client's taxes so she can be ready to send them in. I know that she later purged a lot of records and shredded three large sacks. Maybe she's actually working for the government.

I met some Heartland owners tonight that just came in. It is always interesting to meet new folks and tonight was no exception. John, a 4 year old Sundance owner, was initially upset with his cabinet doors swinging open and the coat closet door that broke on the way down here today. I suggested that he should be more upset at the condition of the roads that we all drive on that actually caused the problem, and he finally agreed that it was not the trailer's fault. He had another complaint about his sewer "leak" when he takes the cap off. I showed him how to solve this problem with an exterior valve, so he left in a much better frame of mind.

Bob has a brand new Landmark Key Largo that he bought at the Good Sam rally in Redmond Oregon. He is very satisfied with his trailer but had some problems with his satellite installer. We traded stories about RV service men and had a nice chat. He is having the Mor-Ryde independent suspension and disk brakes installed on Thursday and Friday. I told him of our treatment at their shop when we visited some friends there. They offered to buy our lunch even though we weren't buying anything from them. They buy all customers their lunch while they are waiting for the work to be done, which is a class act. We were very impressed and I told Bob to expect the same.

Jim and Linda came by and we soon went back to our place and sat outside and had some long talks about our travels and since they are just starting out, they were very interested. Linda has written down several of our suggestions for parks and routes. We sat outside until it got chilly and all turned in for the night.

So long.

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