Monday, August 6, 2012

Friday August 3, 2012-Mountain View RV Park

Friday morning began with another cold morning here. The temperature was not all that cold but it was DAMP!! There were low clouds that held the moisture, and it was like a cold day in Houston in January.

Pat went over to a local restaurant, MJ's, and picked up some breakfast burritos that were very tasty. We had coffee at their place before he left, and we had some of the neighbors drop by for coffee with us. It was a very enjoyable way to begin our day.

In the afternoon, Stella, Lori and Mary went to Bristol's, a store that sells handmade goods from scarves to brass and copper sculptures. Mary had gotten a beautiful shawl last week when she and Bill went there, but nothing was bought today. Lori and Mary are going to a class next week here but Stella decided not to go. They will be using looms to make some things and will probably buy small looms so they can continue to produce various items.

Tonight our friends Darwyn and Becky made supper for us. We were supposed to eat at their motorhome but it looked like rain, so we moved the party to the Bear Lodge, where our other friends Bill and Mary and Jim and Alice were fixing some burgers. They let us use a couple of tables to have our meal, and we all had a good time together.

We stayed down there and played a short game of Mexican Train dominoes. We didn't want to play too late because we all had doggies that needed us to come let them out but we had fun. Of course I didn't win...AGAIN!

So long.

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