Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sunday August 5, 2012-Mountain View RV Park

Sunday we didn't have coffee because we all were going to church. We ended up with 10 people sitting at our table in the Elk Lodge this morning. We listened while Bill gave his very emotional and moving testimonial this morning. We all walked back home together and chatted along the way. Pat and Lori went out to eat breakfast with their friends Bob and Deb while we stayed home. When they came back, we took a ride with them over to the Antler's Inn and RV Park, which is about five miles away. We are planning a large group to go over there for a combination birthday and anniversary party there next weekend. Lori made the reservations while we had a look around. We were told that the RV park has a huge waiting list for their sites in August and September, so we didn't even inquire about moving over here. We took a nice ride before returning home for naps and relaxation.

Later in the afternoon we all met at Darwyn and Becky's place to eat the fish that had been caught yesterday. Everyone brought a dish and Bill and Jim did the fish cooking. About half way through the cooking it started to rain. We had all been afraid of this happening, but we couldn't get into the Bear Lodge because someone else had rented it. This is one of my big objections to this park. Guests must pay a $75 fee to use the lodge but it is returned if everything is cleaned up. The kitchen is off limits, and even the water fountain is turned off and cannot be used. There is no sink to clean up anything and if you want water to drink, it must be drawn in the bathroom sink.

After the rain started we picked up everything and went inside their motorhome to eat. Surprisingly, all 12 of us had a place to sit and we all had a good time together. Of course, by the time we finished eating it had stopped raining, which made it easy to walk home but it sure interfered with our supper. We sat outside for a little while with Pat and Lori before turning in. It had been a good day but we were all full from the delicious fish.

So long.

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