Monday, August 6, 2012

Saturday August 4, 2012-Mountain View RV Park

Saturday morning was cold again but not as damp as yesterday, so it was better sitting outside, drinking our coffee. Everyone but us decided to go fishing. Darwyn and Becky hadn't been fishing up here yet, so it was a treat for them. Jim and Bill are great teachers and they all had fun.

Later in the afternoon, when all but Darwyn and Becky and Jim and Alice had returned from the fishin' hole, we decided to go to the Cottonwood Inn for supper. It's just a short drive over there, but the food there is great. We all had a good time together and shared many laughs before returning home. It was a very nice day, but we were all stuffed when we got home.

Bill and Mary stopped off at a natural spring along the way home. Bill has been using this water to make coffee for them since they've been here. I don't know if I'd trust the water, but he doesn't seem to be suffering from it. He says it's good tasting water, but I think I'll just take his word for it.

So long.

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