Saturday, August 11, 2012

Saturday August 11, 2012-Mountain View RV Park

There hasn't been too much going on around here this week. It has been cool in the mornings and warm in the afternoon, so nothing new there. I know that if you're in Texas, you'd be raving about the cool mornings where I've got to wrap up in a blanket and still have to light up the fireplace to warm the house but when every day is like that, it gets to be old news.

We made a few drives around the area this week but didn't see any wildlife. There is still a bear in the park that has been seen about a half block from our site but I haven't seen any sign of him. I did find some deer tracks in the site but haven't actually seen any deer.My neighbor behind me has had his flowers eaten by the deer but he hasn't seen one either.

Speaking of wildlife, our friend Becky, whose dog ate the rat poison, seems to be doing a little better. They are feeding him a double dose of Vitamin K which will flush out an remaining poison, but I'm still worried about him. I took him out for a walk one day while they were fishing but he seemed okay.

We had something unusual happen one day while we were in town. We ran into one of the members of our Heartland club members from the Houston area that is in the area visiting. It is unusual because we have never run into someone that we knew while out of state. Of course, we see our friends while attending rallies and shows, but this was just someone we ran into, not knowing each other was in the area. Small world!

We went to the Antler Inn yesterday for a big birthday/anniversary celebration with a lot of our friends. There were 20 of us having supper together and it was a lot of fun. We didn't know many of the others, but made some new friends. It was a very nice night.

Today we rode into Creede and walked around the downtown area. There isn't much to the downtown, but we went into some of the shops and had a nice break at the historic hotel. While there, we saw Deb and Sue, some of our new friends from last night but they were in a hurry to get back home and didn't join us.

I finally got around to changing our television reception to receive the local channels. It took all afternoon and three telephone calls to Dish Network, but I got it done! What an ordeal... They are Denver stations, which is the best I could do. I could have used Pat and Lori's address in Los Alamos, but thats about the same distance away as Denver and at least I'm still getting reception from the same state!

So long.

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