Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Monday September 16, 2013-Moving Day-Prairie View RV Park to River View Campground

It is cold this morning, 44 degrees! We didn't get in any hurry to leave, but Stella had done a lot of her packing inside and the outside is very fast now. This Landmark seems to pack up easier because of the Level Up, electric cord reel and the televisions don't have to be secured. The furniture slides make it very easy to move the chairs, so over all, we are very happy with this trailer.

We still pulled out about 9:45 but only have 150 miles to go today. There was little traffic on the roads, so we made great time. We made one pit stop along the way, but the whole trip was uneventful until we arrived.

Stella had called ahead and got directions to the park, but she was warned about road work on the road to the park. When we reached the area where the park was, we had to change lanes into the oncoming lane because of gravel that had been dropped on the road in our lane. Right in front of the park, there was a flagperson, a dump truck on the wrong side of the road and a grader that was smoothing out the gravel, and coming toward us! It's no wonder I was distracted and missed the turn! Stella missed it too...

Anyway, we drove another mile or so before realizing that we had missed the park. We made a turn-around and went back and had no trouble finding the turn. When we arrived, we were met by Deb, the owner of the park, who escorted us into our site. She had errands to run and said to come by the office later in the afternoon to get checked in. Talk about an easy-going attitude! We finished getting set up and we later walked down to the office and paid our bill. I remarked to Deb about not being able to get a TV signal but she said that others had been able to use their antennas. I told her that I had tried many other locations in my site but couldn't find a hole in the trees. I made a joking remark about the only place I could "see" the satellites was in the middle of the street. 

We went back home and I took my travel-day nap. I worked on the batwing rooftop antenna and got it tuned in while Stella fixed us some supper, and had just finished eating when we got a knock on the door. It was Steve, Deb's husband and the other owner of park. He said that Deb had told him that we were having trouble with our antenna. I went out with him and even showed him the app on my phone for finding the satellites, and he could see that we couldn't get through the trees. He suggested putting the antenna in the street as I had said, and even went to get some saw horses, orange cones and some yellow tape to secure and protect my antenna. Wow, what customer service!

I can honestly say that I've never had an RV park owner allow any guest to do this. Steve said that there is still plenty of room for cars to go around and that most of the other guests here are seasonal that won't be here this weekend anyway, so I should be fine. Guess who's going to get a great review?

We got a message later in the evening that Grandson #1, Tyler, got his drivers license today. Congratulations Tyler, lookout Texas...

So long.

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