Sunday, September 1, 2013

Saturday August 31, 2013-Country Village RV Park

This is the Teal Lake Lodge area near Marquette Michigan. I found it while capturing some Munzees. It's a beautiful little park with a ski lift that isn't open yet. I'll bet it is really pretty when covered with snow!

I can just imagine sitting at the table with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate while watching the skiing. Notice I did NOT say I want to ski!

The small ski lift is inside the fence, and is currently closed. I'm sure it gets a lot of action when the snow flies. Incidentally, I was told by one of the workers here at the park, that the month of August is the only month that has not had snow since he's been working here. He said that one year, they had a big celebration planned for the 4th of July and got some big ol' snowflakes instead.

I'm not a skier, either snow or water, but I can't imagine flying down this hill with the lake in front of you. Of course, the lake is probably frozen up, so you just go out on the ice. Can you tell that I'm a south Texas boy that has never been in a lot of snow? Or NEVER snow skied?

The lake as viewed from water level. Glassy smooth! 

I've made it a point to have someone photograph me standing in the various Great Lakes that we've visited. Since there is no one with me, here I am standing in Teal Lake

This is the ski lift that is closed for the summer. I'm sure that they will cut the grass inside the fence before the season begins. It will surely look different with a few feet of snow on top.

Breathtaking view!

So long.

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