Sunday, September 15, 2013

Thursday September 12, 2013-Prairie View RV Park

We toured Carl's "shed" where he keeps his new motor home. It's about as much a shed as a Cadillac is just another car. It was owned by a builder and custom built for his office and warehouse. It is heavily insulated and heated but of course, Carl and Faye are not here in the winter. There is plenty of room for the motor home, with a drain located in the floor under the MH. Plenty of storage for anything imaginable and a small office where Carl can relax while working. I didn't bring my camera so didn't get any photos.

This afternoon we went to the Grandview Winery. This is a small family-owned winery just outside Granite Falls, out in the country. We tasted several of their wines, but none of them struck Stella's fancy and we didn't buy anything. This place is also known for their pizza, and we all had a great time while we enjoyed a pizza. 

It was another very nice day with our friends. Sadly, Warren and Judy must leave tomorrow and we plan to leave on Monday. Perhaps we'll have some more adventures and fun before we leave.

So long

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