Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tuesday September 17, 2013-River View Campground

It was cold this morning, about 44 degrees! I got up early as usual and turned the fireplace on, and Stella and the dogs were piled up under the covers in bed, so everyone was nice and warm and we slept in until 8:30. This is very late for us, but I guess we were tired from the trip down yesterday.

It was cloudy and looked like rain all day, so it was a day of laying around in sweats and watching the work go on, on the road in front of the park. At least we had great television to watch!

Tramp and I went exploring up onto the upper levels of the park. There we found several Heartland trailers but they are all seasonal and no one was home. We had a nice walk and found a nice playground that is also used as a animal playground. It is surrounded by dense brush and trees and I thought about letting Tramp off his leash but at the last second, I chickened out. He has never been allowed outside without a leash without a fenced-in area and since I wasn't familiar with the area, I didn't want to start now.

I've got to tell you about Grandson #2 Cameron. He has started playing football again this year and last week was his first game. He plays on both offense and defense but likes defense better. He is proud of his strength and his ability to knock other boys out of the game with his hits. Last week, he knocked another kid out of the game with a possible concussion. I have cautioned him about playing dirty and purposely hurting other boys, but he said they were all legal hits. I remember the day when I played football and had the same attitude. He played tonight but I haven't talked to him yet. I'll let you know how the game went.

So long.

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