Friday, September 6, 2013

Thursday September 5, 2013-St Paul east RV Park

We had a nice relaxing day around here today. We just stayed home and relaxed all day, but spent a lot of time sitting outside enjoying the cool weather. We visited with some of our neighbors that were leaving today, and it's kind of funny that almost everyone we meet has some kind of ties to Texas. They are either former residents or intend to be. Some spend the winter along the coast of Texas and many have grown children that live in Texas. 

I walked around the park this morning and realized that this is a much larger park than I had first thought. There is another area behind us that will hold about 10-15 additional trailers and behind that is a huge dog walking area that is probably 10 acres. This park was a KOA at one time but is privately owned now. It has been here for awhile because there are corn fields on one side and new apartments going up on the other side. The area is growing rapidly and I'm sure that the park's days are numbered until some developer comes along and buys it and turns it into a subdivision or shopping center.

We just lazed around today but tonight I noticed that both dogs were very relaxed.  

How can this be comfortable? 

I woke both of them up with the first picture.

At least the dogs are able to relax and enjoy their time here.

So long.

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