Sunday, September 8, 2013

Saturday September 8, 2013-St Paul east RV Park

Friday we drove over to the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge to take a tour there. When we arrived, we learned that the Refuge covers over 11,000 acres, divided into eight units strung along 34 miles of the Minnesota river. The Refuge is one of four that is set in an urban area, and the visitor center is only a few blocks from the Mall of America. We walked around and looked at the displays of plants and animals found on the refuge. We took a walk on a couple of the paved walkways, observing many birds but no wildlife. It was hot, and I am sure that the animals are smart enough to stay in their dens or bedding areas where it is nice and cool. I capped a couple of Munzees before leaving.

We came on back home and stayed inside, out of the heat! It cooled off later in the afternoon and we sat outside and visited with our neighbors, Jim and Elaine who are from Rockwall TX and some other guests here in the park, Keith and Ann who are from the Conroe TX area. There is another Texas couple in the park but we haven't seen them. They have a very cool satellite dish that is painted like the Texas flag. 

Saturday was a chore day. Stella washed our dirty clothes while I straightened up inside the trailer. It was very hot again, so we stayed inside out of the heat. We decided to go eat some oriental food and found the Grand Buffet. The food was pretty good and we enjoyed our meal out. We have been trying to eat at home as much as we can because it is cheaper and healthier. I think we've both felt better since doing this.

We got together with the other Texans again this evening and had some delightful conversations with them, comparing our travels and all giving tips to the others for places to go and things to see. This is just one of the reasons that we love our lifestyle.

A small note of caution. I got the new a couple of days ago that my brother Phil accidentally amputated the end of his little finger. He was on vacation with his family and had just gotten into the car. They were in Bandera TX where it is very hot and had left the windows down slightly for keep the car a little cooler. His son was driving the car and after starting the car, he raised the windows. Phil had his fingers between the window glass and the frame when the window started to go up and the very tip of his little finger was cut off. After surgery he lost the end of his finger to the first joint. I'm very hopeful that everything will work out for Phil and just want to warn readers about something that we've all probably done. I know I have done it and never even thought about a window glass causing this type of injury. 

Please be safe my friends.

So long.

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