Saturday, September 28, 2013

Thursday September 26, 2013-ABC RV Park

We met Sam and Donna (5th wheel vagabonds), Ron and Allie (Life with the workentins) and Ken and Angela (RV Life is Good) for breakfast at the Grand Country Buffet. This is a huge complex of a hotel, water park, gift shops, entertainment area and game room for the kids.  

We had a very nice meal with our old and new friends. If you've been following, we stayed with Sam and Donna at their house outside of St. Louis in the early spring, on our way to Elkhart IN. I say early spring because it snowed on us while we were loading up to leave. They are on vacation in Branson. Ron and Allie stay and work at the Branson View Campground and Ken and Angela are going to Coffeeville Kansas to work at Amazon. We stayed in the restaurant until the breakfast food was removed and the lunch crowd started to arrive. With hugs and handshakes, we all went on our separate ways.

We came back home and took a break until around 6PM, when the group got together for a Meet and Greet. Jeff and Joy, the new chapter leaders for Missouri, had bought some tickets to a show, so they went with some friends to see that and we ran the Meet and Greet and enjoyed meeting a lot of new folks. We all sat outside in the nice weather, chatting and visiting. Great way to start the rally.

So long.

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