Thursday, September 5, 2013

Wednesday September 4, 2013-St Paul east RV Park

We made the 20 mile trip over to Bloomington to visit the Mall of America. This place is a MONSTER! and major tourist attraction, with an estimated 40 million visitors each year. We covered about 1/3 of the mall in about 2 1/2 hours and even though it's the largest mall in the United States, there was nothing unusual about it except the sheer size.

 The main entrance on the south side.

 There are four floors, packed with stores selling anything you can imagine.

 The huge amusement park is a kid's dream come true.

 The fourth floor is mostly a set of fourteen theaters.

 Two roller coasters that zoom around overhead. What surprised us was the number of kids in the mall on a Wednesday.

 Another shot of the fast-moving cars on the roller coaster.

 Sorry for the blurred picture, but those things are FAST!

 A sort-of teeter totter coaster. This things twirls around while it rocks side-to-side. Makes me nauseous just watching it. 

 Even an old-time merry-go-round.

 Bumper cars.

 The entrance to one of the rides.

 An odd shaped house. Anyone for a pineapple cottage?

 Ninja Turtles


 A Lego Transformer and a Lego helicopter

 Back side of the Transformer

 Front side of the helicopter. 

 More Lego figures. Pretty cool stuff isn't it?

This globe travels around on a track while twirling around. 

After leaving the mall, I tried to find some Munzees that were in the area but there was simply too much traffic. There are lots of Munzees in the area but I haven't found very many of them. Most of the ones have been in parks, and specifically in trees and bushes, which I hate! They are tiny and very difficult to see in foliage so I pretty much ignore them. I haven't found any in shopping centers or parking lots where I prefer to look. I'll probably search some more before we leave.

So long.


Butch LaJoie said...

I guess you must of missed this sign J.............We were a few weeks behind you!!

Butch LaJoie said...

We also stayed at St. Paul East RV.
Went to the Tiger Twins game on Sept 24th.