Saturday, March 15, 2014

Saturday March 15, 2014-Montgomery KOA

We're winding up our time here at the Montgomery KOA and visiting more friends. We're moving down to the Ron Hoover Oasis RV Park in La Marque on Monday and spent as much time with friends as we could.

We went down to Rayford Crossing in Spring to see Tommy before he went back home to do a quick job down there. Of course, he enticed Stella with his Keurig coffee maker and forced me to take an orange drink before we went down to see Mack and Mattie. It was good to see them again and we visited with other friends as they walked by, including park owner/maintenance man Billy. It was good to see so many of our old friends at the park where we once lived.

Friday morning I had a meeting with two Assistant District Attorneys from Galveston. I am under subpoena for a murder trial on a case dating back to 1985! My only involvement was to investigate and recover the skeleton near the Galveston Causeway. We are scheduled to go to trial on the 24th and I warned them that if the case is postponed I won't be in the state until October, so I hope everything goes off as planned. This was an aggravating case for me and I hope that justice is served.

Friday evening we met our friends from Inks Lake, Chip and Bunky at the El Bosque Mexican Restaurant in Conroe. It was good to see them again and we spent a couple of hours catching up with them. 

I've gotta tell you about our Garmin letting us down today. Stella programmed in the restaurant and it took us out into the country when we should have stopped in town. It doesn't happen often, and it could have been worse, we could have been pulling the trailer! Luckily we had left home a bit early and made it only a couple of minutes late. 

So long.

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