Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tuesday March 25, 2014-Ron Hoover Oasis RV Park

As you know, we are doing our best to spend time with as many of our old friends as we can, in the short time we have here this year. Thursday, we went to eat at the La Azteca Restaurant in Texas City. This restaurant is the former Bravo's Restaurant on Palmer Hwy. When Bravo's closed, several of the employees pooled their monies and bought the place, and they do an excellent job! We had a great time and had a very nice visit with our friends. 

Friday we went shopping at the new Sam's and Wal Mart stores that we haven't been in. There, we picked up one of the ready-made pizzas and after Stella got it home and jazzed it up a bit, it was delicious! 

Saturday we met Mike and Patrice at the Center Buffet, an oriental restaurant that we have eaten at several times before. Again, the food was good but the company was even better. It is so nice to be able to spend time with friends, although we did tie up the table for almost two hours! It wasn't that busy and it's a huge restaurant! 

Sunday and Monday was spent working on our storage shed to clean it out. We are making good progress and will have it done this week. Some of the camping gear that we don't use was given to other patrons of our park and most went very fast. I'm glad that someone is getting use from our old "stuff".

This morning, I was up early to get ready to go to the new Galveston County courthouse to testify in a very old (1985)murder case. My only involvement was to find and recover the skeleton remains of the victim. Luckily for me, I wrote a good report and remembered a lot of the case, so my testimony went well. I was a bit rusty but came through unscathed. Bruised the old ego a time or two but no cuts. Surprisingly, I was on the witness stand for almost two hours. This case will probably go on for most of the week but when I find out the verdict, I'll let you know.

I saw several old friends while at the courthouse, including the judge in the case. I worked several cases when he was working at the District Attorney's office. Two of the main people that I wanted to see were FBI Agent Richard Rennison and Lt. Tommy Hansen, the two leading investigators in this case but they were not due to testify until the afternoon session and I didn't want to stick around that long. I'll just keep up with the case on news media. 

It felt good to dress up in my Police Detective duds again. Felt good but I'm still very happily RETIRED!! Not changing that for anything. I enjoyed the investigations and made some good friends but don't want to go back!

So long.

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