Monday, March 17, 2014

Sunday March 16, 2014-Montgomery KOA

We went down to Rayford Crossing on Sunday to meet our friend Bill and Tommy and Susan to spend more time with our friends before leaving tomorrow. We decided to eat soon after we arrived, so we all loaded up in my truck and off we went. It's impossible to get a bad meal at Mel's Country Cafe, and today was no exception.

 Stella and I split one of the famous Mel's Burgers consisting of one pound of meat and a half pound of bacon! Even though we split the burger, we brought some home.

This is the small chicken fried steak! As you can see, it covers over half of the plate. Small indeed! Bill certainly had plenty of food.

Tommy and Susan had the catfish dinner and, like us, they had food to bring home. 

When we finished eating, we waddled back to the truck. It's a good thing I have a big truck! We drove through the new Exxon world headquarters that is being built just south west of Rayford/Sawdust. This place is immense! Of course, the buildings are surrounded by fencing with security in place to keep people out, but it is an amazing place. The whole area will be a mini Woodlands, with houses, apartments and condos that are still under construction with commercial buildings to come.

We returned to Rayford where we hung out in Tommy and Susan's Allegro Bus. Bill brought their new puppy Maya over to meet us. She is a handful but Tommy plans to help Bill train her this week while he is at Rayford.

Bill has a new propane powered firepit that he brought over. We three guys braved the cold wind and sat outside for awhile but it didn't take long until we had to go back inside. I'm sure that the firepit will work well but today it was just too cold and windy. We should have time to visit with our friends again before we leave. 

So long.

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