Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tuesday March 4, 2014-Montgomery KOA

I told you on the last post how cold it had gotten, and it has stayed extremely cold (28 degrees Monday morning) until today (Tuesday evening). I woke on Monday morning to fine a large Warning on my computer, telling me that everything would be erased if I went forward. I simply closed it without turning it off or doing anything else until I could take it to my friends at Rhino Computers in Spring. They told me to bring it in and they would check it out. Based upon what I told them, they warned me that it sounded like a bad hard drive. Having gone through another one on another computer, I knew it would be expensive, but fixable. Luckily, I later learned that it was only some malware that I had picked up and after doing a deep scan and adding some new anti-malware software, I was fixed and ready to go.

After dropping off my computer, we rode over to Rayford Crossing where we toured some new Mobile Suites' that belong to some of our friends that still stay there. They are beautiful units but I think we'll stay in our Landmark. While there, we ran into some other old friends that were also visiting, Andy and Sherry from Michigan and Keith and Connie from Canada. Our friend Tommy was staying in the park, but he wasn't at home while we were there. We'll see him later.

Monday night, it got very cold again and rained most of the night. I have never seen this much ice on any truck or trailer that we have owned. The rain from overnight turned into a light rain/mist this morning, which just piled even more ice on everything. Our neighbors on either side of us woke early and started their trucks but apparently got word that work was postponed because they were still here later in the morning.

Look at the icicles hanging from the awning! the entire door side was covered in thick ice, with long icicles all around the bottom of the trailer.

Look at the amount of ice in the windshield wiper trough. When I took this photo, the truck had been running for about 40 minutes and about half of the front windshield was thawed. 

Here is a better shot of the windshield and the ice on the wiper blade.

The front of the truck was also covered in ice because it had been facing into the rain. When we drive into Spring to pick up my computer, huge pieces of ice blew off and across the windshield, startling both of us. 

I know that people from Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin and other cold-winter states that are reading this are probably laughing at me being upset with the cold weather. I have lived in the Houston/Galveston area all of my life, and have NEVER seen this much cold weather and ice! Somebody needs to call Mother Nature and tell her that Al Gore said we have global warming...

So long.

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Mark & Teri said...

We are continuing to run warm then cold here. Low's 80's one afternoon, and then 22 degrees just 36 hours later! But we've not seen the ice that you have.

Summer will be here (too) soon!