Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wednesday March 19, 2014-Ron Hoover Oasis RV Park

Yesterday was our first full day here and I put it to good use. I spoke to the Chief of Police at Manvel PD and learned that I could qualify with my pistol at the Alvin Community College to satisfy this requirement for my Retired Peace Officer "license", so I can possess and carry a handgun in states that don't recognize a Texas concealed handgun license. I was able to go to the college and set  the qualification tomorrow morning. I also took the time to visit with other friends in the area before returning home.

While on my way to Alvin and Manvel, I stopped along the way to capture some Munzees.There were four or five along State Hwy. 6 that I easily capped, including the one on the plaque pictured below.

I am from this area and lived here most of my life. I have always known about the blimp base in Hitchcock and have been to it many times. I even had an aunt and uncle that lived out there in one of the old houses from the base, but I never saw this plaque, commemorating the base until today. Someone has deployed a Munzee on the back of this, as well as several others along highway 6. I got all of them, but this one was special. 

There was another one that brought back memories for me, not because of the plaque or it's subject but because of the location. When I was a kid, my Dad took us to Colorado for vacations several years in a row. One year, probably 1958 or 1959, we had just left Galveston on vacation when the car had a problem with the fan belt. Daddy stopped the car at a roadside park rest area and made repairs and we continued on our trip. 

We went to Texas City to a band concert for Tyler's band. It was a UIL (University Interscholastic League) practice concert and they did very well. It was led off by the junior high school band, them the high school symphonic band and finally the ensemble band that Tyler is a member of. It was pretty short and when it was over we took Tyler and his girlfriend Loren out to eat. 

This morning I went over to Alvin Community College and qualified and got my new ID card with my new "Qualified, Honorably Retired Peace Officer" notation on it. Now I am legal to carry and possess a handgun throughout the United States. Hopefully this will keep me out of trouble on our travels.

We went over to Kim's house this evening for Stella to fix her goulash that Tyler and Cameron LOVE! She also took our dirty clothes to wash in Kim's new washer and dryer. They are the large size, but it still took entirely too long to get done, so I think we'll stick to our laundromat trips to get our clothes clean. That also pretty much took care of the question of whether we want a washer and dryer in the trailer. They are half the size of the residential ones that Kim has, so I think the decision is made. Of course, I can easily be outvoted by the CEO of this outfit (Stella), so there ya go...

So long.

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