Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday April 18, 2014-Moving day-Choctaw KOA, Durant OK to Bluebonnet Ridge RV Park, Terrell TX

My back has been bothering me for the last week or so, but it was better last night. It was just a dull ache all day but at night, when I tried to sleep, it kicked into high gear. It became impossible to sleep because I couldn't find a comfortable position. I tried everything, including taking a large dose of Tylenol but nothing really helped. I usually got a couple of hours sleep early in the morning, but it wasn't very restful. I got more sleep last night than any other since I've been down. 

We were up before 7, having some coffee on our last morning here in Durant. We really weren't in a big hurry because we are just going to Terrell. We changed parks from the Plantation Place in Sunnyvale to the Bluebonnet Ridge in Terrell. We went by Sunnyvale the other day when we went to watch Ian play ball and found that the park is on a very narrow and windy road with low tree branches and very tight spaces at the park. Sunnyvale must be an upscale area, judging by the big houses and manicured lawns. 

We pulled out right about 10AM and made good time all the way into Plano where we found more road construction and had a brief slowdown. The only problem with the construction zone is that they have very narrow lanes but we made it through without problem and soon we turned off onto the big loop (IH-635) and then soon onto I-20. We arrived at the park just after noon, for approximately a 2 hour drive. We made good time because we didn't have to stop!

We did have a bit of a problem here with the park. When Stella called to get our reservation, they took the credit card number and promised that it was just to have it on record. Stella alertly checked our account and found that they had charged the entire bill. It was only yesterday that all this happened, so we weren't too concerned about it but when we got here, she found that they had kept the original charge and made another one. They explained that they are using a new software program and will get it straightened out as soon as they can. We'll see...

We have stayed here several times before and we like the park. We especially liked the way they found us a site, and hopefully this billing problem will be taken care of. We'll see...

So long.

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