Saturday, April 5, 2014

Friday April 4, 2014-Coffee Creek RV Park, Santo TX

We had a nice day today, although it was cold this morning, about 45 degrees. I guess that winter really is never going to leave! Our friends Dan and Karen who live in the upper peninsula of Michigan just heard that they will have 18" of snow today in their area. 

I went over to have coffee with Dan and Karen and they invited me, and Stella when she finally woke up, to have breakfast with them. Karen did a good job making bacon and eggs for us and we had a nice time talking and visiting with them.

We didn't do too much during the day today but hang out with our friends and visited. We made the rounds through the campground and saw old and new friends, including a couple named Jerry and Diane who are in the final process of selling everything to go full time. There seems to be more and more people that are living full time in their trailers.

This evening we all loaded up and went to the Brazos River Catfish Cafe for supper.
 Everyone getting ready for a catfish feast!

The waitress is hard at work, taking orders. 

After a great meal, we returned to the park for our initial meet and greet. There were a few that were a little late in arriving, including one new couple that had just arrived. Nancy, the north Texas chapter leader, made a few announcements and then had everyone introduce themselves. It was nice to put names to the new faces.

We separated into groups to play some dominoes and played until almost midnight! Good fun...

Great first day of the rally.

So long.

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