Sunday, April 20, 2014

Saturday April 19, 2014-Bluebonnet Ridge RV Park, Terrell TX

It's still chilly enough to use the fireplace in the morning, but I can tell that warm weather will be here soon. When we left Durant a couple of days ago, I work my jeans while packing up to leave but as soon as we arrived here in Terrell, I pulled them off and put on shorts and have worn shorts outside since then. 

We drove over to Jennifer and Jay's house in Garland for some burgers this afternoon. Jay has done a good job of remodeling the house, taking his time and doing things right. He added a large covered deck on the back that we put to good use today. 

 Here is a picture of me and the kids. In our traveling lifestyle we don't get to spend enough time with family but we do the best we can.

Ian with his Pop. My maternal grandfather was called Pop by everyone and Stella's Dad was called Poppy. Tyler and Cameron call me PePaw, so I answer to either name. I'm glad that Jennifer chose to tell Ian to call me Pop because I want to preserve the name in our family. I have asked Tyler and Cam to change what they call me and they do when they remember to, but most of the time they revert to PePaw and I am good with that.

Jennifer made us some beer Margaritas that we had never tried before. They are made with only four ingredients, 12 oz. limeade, 12 oz. beer (she used Dos Equis but any brand should work), 12 oz. 7-Up and although the recipe calls for 12 oz. Tequila, she used less. Add some salt (to taste) around the rim of the glass and this makes a very good Margarita. Even with less tequila, I could feel the effect of one drink, so be careful. After finishing my drink, we ate our burgers and then sat around visiting for a couple of hours to make sure that the alcohol was gone before driving home-ever the cop!!

We had a very nice visit with them, reliving some of the stories of our past and their childhood and we all had a lot of laughs. 

So long.

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