Friday, April 4, 2014

Thursday April 3, 2014-Coffee Creek RV Park, Santo TX

We sat outside for a while last night, visiting with our Heartland friends that we haven't seen in some time. It's so good to be back on the rally trail!

We had a meeting with Jim and Dan & Karen to make plans for the upcoming Regional rally in Amana Iowa in October. Since Dan and Karen are new to leadership with the club, a lot of time was spent going over things with them, and over all, it was a very good meeting. We will all be going to the Oklahoma rally so we'll have another meeting while we are there.

Our meeting ran through the traditional lunch time and we decided to go to David's Stove Shop in Weatherford. This is a very cool place to shop for everything from antiques to old style appliances that are brand new.

This is one of those old-looking stoves that is brand new. It would be very nice to build a new house and use these appliances.

A brand new Heartland brand (no relation to the RV company) double oven. One thing to remember, old-looking stuff is EXPENSIVE!! This oven is $2,375... 

 I don't have a clue what this thing is. It resembles a large harp but it definitely doesn't make beautiful music.

Stella trying out a new outdoor chair, made of a plastic resin material. This one sits up higher and has a nice footrest built in. Very nice; now if we only had some place to use it.

This is not really dynamite, it's actually fire starter. I'll bet you'd get some excitement in an RV park if you brought this box out!

We had lunch at a small restaurant inside the store called The Shed at David's Stove Shop. This is another good find. We came here last year when we were here for the No. Texas rally, so we brought our friends to try it this year. They serve huge sandwiches and home made soup and we had something called Cowboy Pie which was a mixture of several ingredients and boy! was it delicious. We all waddled out of this place. If you're ever in this area, about 20 miles outside of Fort Worth, you need to stop in for lunch. Take exit 415 and you'll find it.

We came on back home and met some of the new folks that had arrived while we were gone and just hung out for the rest of the afternoon. I came home and tried to get in a nap but couldn't get to sleep. I did rest some and we went outside and chatted with friends. A large group went out to eat but we stayed in the park because we were still full from lunch. We sat outside  at Dan and Karen's and they talked Stella and I into splitting a Sloppy Joe sandwich that was delicious. 

It was a very good first day at the North Texas rally.

So long.

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