Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wednesday April 2, 2014-Moving day-Ron Hoover Oasis to Coffee Creek RV Park

We didn't finish up with moving and storing things out of the storage until last night! Finally done though...  We took Tyler and his girlfriend Loren out to eat since we hadn't been able to see very much of him while we were here. We went to the new Hartz Chicken buffet kn Texas City. The food was just so-so but we had a good time with Tyler and Loren.

We took on fuel for the trip to Santo and retired for the night. Then I found that I had left a couple of items here that should have been brought to Kim's house, so we took them over. 

We were up pretty early this morning, packing and getting ready to leave. I was so busy yesterday that I didn't even think about taking the porch down so that was one of the first things I had to do this morning. Everything went well and we pulled out about 9:30. We made good time through Houston and didn't make any stops until we got to the Buccee's store in Madisonville. We got something to eat and for a snack later in the afternoon. We didn't make another stop until we got to a rest stop just before the exit for Hwy. 287. 

I capped a couple of Munzees while we stopped at Buccee's and at the rest area, just to keep in practice. I was so busy for the last couple of weeks that I didn't have time to play Munzees very much. I did deploy some at the new Buccee store in Texas City and capped a few while going over to Manvel for my retired peace officer weapon permit.

We got here to Santo about 4:30 and while getting set up, we learned that plans had been made to go to the Natty Flat Smokehouse for supper. The food was good and we had a fine time talking to many old friends and a few new ones.

We, along with Dan and Karen, were invited to go over to Jim and Nancy's trailer for some Blue Bell and enjoyed our chat with them. Dan just got a new I- Phone and got a lot of hints from Jim. It's so good to be rallying again! I'll keep you posted on everything that goes on.

So long.

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