Thursday, April 24, 2014

Wednesday April 23, 2014-Moving day-Bluebonnet Ridge RV Park to Paradise Lake RV Resort, Nacogdoches

We were up by 7 AM and drinking our coffee before starting to get ready to leave. It wasn't long before we were hooking the truck to the trailer and pulled out about 9:30. We like these short driving days and only made one quick pit stop, arriving here in Nacogdoches (Nac from now on!).

After a pretty quick set-up I called my Aunt Janie to let them know that we had arrived and made arrangements to go over to Center where they live for supper. We sat outside on their patio and after a glass of wine, we drove down to the square to eat at Margarita's restaurant. 

We returned to Janie's house to continue our visit and had lots of great conversation about family and friends. It was so nice to chat, but the time seemed to fly by and we had to come back over to Nac to take care of our pups. We are planning to spend more time tomorrow with Janie and family. Should be fun!

So long.

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