Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Monday April 14, 2014-Choctaw KOA, Durant OK

Well, the rally ended yesterday with most of the people leaving. Some were gone or in the last processes of leaving when I went outside but I did manage to talk to a lot of folks before they left. We all still hate the last day when the party breaks up. It was raining and cool this morning, so we visited between showers.

There were probably 13 or so rigs that remained and some went to the casino for breakfast and to gamble and later in the afternoon most of us went to the Roma's Italian Restaurant for supper. We had some nice conversations with the people around us and we learned that one couple will be going to a Texas Boomer rally near Johnson City next weekend. Wow, small world!

Today almost all of the remaining people left for home or their next destination. Again, some left before I could talk to them and tell them goodbye but we saw most. Our friends Hoyt and Mary, who are the new Indiana Chapter Leaders, stayed for another day. They are here in their big over-the-road truck, as they are truck drivers. They had meetings to go to over the weekend, so when they came here, they parked their truck with it's large sleeping unit on the back and rented a car to go to their mandatory meetings. They decided to stay another day to relax, since they had been so busy over the weekend. We went to eat supper with them at the Whataburger in Durant. We had a nice, cheap meal and very good visit. We haven't had much time to spend with them.

It was freezing cold this morning and the wind was blowing hard again. We're all beginning to think that this winter will never end. Stella spent some time a few days ago putting our winter coats and jackets away but had to drag some back out today. At least we avoided any tornadoes that are common in this area in the spring.

We're staying here for a few days because we can't get into the next park that we're going to. I learned on Facebook that our friends Warren and Judy are coming here on their way home to Iowa. I hope we'll get to spend some time with them while they're here. 

So long.

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