Friday, September 19, 2014

Monday September 15, 2014-Moving Day-Two Harbors campground to Country Roads Motorhome and RV Park

We woke to another cool morning with gusty winds again. Oh well, we're used to it now after a week here. We have about 305 miles to go today and were in no particular hurry to start, but decided that 8 o'clock would be the latest that we could wait. 

Stella had done a lot to get the inside ready to go, so I went out and started getting the outside  chores done. We made really good time and were ready to go about 9:45. There were still several others that had waited until today to leave, so after hugs and handshakes, we were on our way. 

This was the perfect time to leave, with all the rush hour traffic gone to work, so it was easy-peasy to get through Duluth.  

We only made a couple of stops for comfort and to eat the sandwiches that Stella had made, and while there, I capped a few Munzees. I love being able to do this because it gives me a lot of good exercise which eases the stiffness in my legs and knees when we arrive.

We pulled in to the Country Roads park about 4:30 and were expected. Stella had called ahead and made reservations, and since we had been here about a month ago for the Wisconsin rally, check-in was a breeze. 

We decided to do an experiment on this stop. We always move lots of "stuff" onto our bed while traveling, so tonight we spent the night sleeping in our recliners to save on work in the morning. I think it worked very well, as we slept well. The dogs were very confused though...

So long.

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