Monday, September 29, 2014

Sunday and Monday, September 28 & 29, 2014-Big Red Barn RV Park to Eagle Ridge RV Park and Amana Colonies Event Center and RV Park

A group of four, us, Dave and Nancy, Mike and Peg & Larry and Gayle pulled out of the Big Red Barn about 9:30 on Sunday morning, destination the Eagle Ridge RV Park in Bethany Missouri. We made great time on the road, with clear skies and cool temperatures. We made a couple of stops, and at the second one, we all sat around one of the picnic tables eating our lunches. It was quite enjoyable, traveling with these friends and I could get used to this type of traveling. Of course, we had traveled with Dave and Nancy back at the beginning of this summer trip, and it was good to be back with them. 

We had first intended to drive the entire way to Amana, a distance of over 440 miles, but we had second thoughts and when we talked to our friends, they agreed so we broke the trip into two days. The first day is to a distance of about 260 miles and the second will be 190 or so miles, a much better distance.

We pulled into the Eagle Ridge RV Park about 2:30PM, and I think we found a jewel! This is a small park, and they put us under some huge old trees, giving us all shade and a really nice place to sit outside visiting with our friends. The park is very quiet and surrounded by fields. A great place to spend a night.

We were up pretty early the next morning and pulled out about 9. We decided to stop at a Blue Beacon truck and trailer wash in Altoona. Ironically, this place is right across the street from the RV park that we stayed at for the Iowa rally in June.When we got there, there was a long line of semi's waiting to be washed, so we didn't stop but continued on to Amana. 

We stopped at another rest area for lunch and had a nice time, sitting in the shade while eating our sandwiches. This rest area is different than any other that we have stopped in. It is built into the side of a hill, with a large series of steps to get up to the rest rooms. There is also a very long ramp to get to the top, but it's a long way! I capped a couple of Munzees before eating lunch, and we were soon back on the road. 

We pulled into the Amana Colonies park about 2 o'clock and found that they had started putting oil down on the park roads to keep the dust down. It has been hot and dry for a long time here and we had been warned about the dust.

After getting set up, it was then just meeting up with the attendees. There were lots of people that we have been with at other rallies during the summer and others that we have seen at rallies in the past. There are even some newbies that have never been to a rally before. I'm hoping that they have a great first experience. I have been waiting for this rally to start since last November, so now it's just a matter of executing our plans.

So long.

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