Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Sunday September 21, 2014-Double J Campground, Chatham Illinois

I got behind on my rally-days reports and just simply never caught up. This was a great rally, with lots if sitting around and visiting and I really didn't spend too much time on the computer. As I said before, lots of folks brought firewood, so we had a fire constantly at Ken and Kathy's site. We had potluck breakfasts, potluck suppers and didn't move out of the campsites all week. 

My friend Terry came over and offered to look at a water leak that I had found. He found that the "technician" that had done some work on the trailer had not properly secured a gasket on the sewer line and had used the wrong clamps on some water lines that he had worked on. Luckily for me, Terry had the parts to correct the water line problems and he secured the sewer line, and now, no further leaks!

We did go out to eat with Terry and Carol to a place called D'Arcy's Pint. This place was recommended by a friend, who is a former resident of Springfield. Thanks Deb! The feature there is a dish called Horseshoes and is a variety of meats and toppings on thick toast. It was very tasty and we all enjoyed our meal.

Most folks left on Sunday but several of us stayed behind. Stella decided that we should stay here until Tuesday and that is fine with me. We had another get-together meal of leftovers on Sunday evening and our last campfire. 

We did have some excitement on Sunday night. While sitting around the campfire, Kenny, the Illinois Chapter Leader, got up to go inside his trailer and when he walked by the large campfire, he lost his balance and fell across the fire pit. He has been sick and weakened, which probably had something to do with his fall, but was he unhurt. When he fell into the fire, one of his legs hit the large log on the top of the fire and he just rolled across it without being burned. He woke the next day sore but not even bruised. He's a very lucky man.

So long.

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