Thursday, September 11, 2014

Tuesday and Wednesday, September 9 & 10, 2014-Burlington Bay campground, Two Harbors MN

We like this park because of the terraced setting which allows an outstanding view of Lake Superior. We didn't realize that Monday night was the Harvest Moon celebration at Two Harbors. There was a celebration with hot drinks and a band, but we didn't know about it.

The Harvest Moon rising. 

The Harvest Moon after dark.

Tuesday morning we went over to the iron ore docks at Two Harbors. As you can see, the docks are idle today but I'm certain that business will pick up soon.

Someone taking advantage of low ship traffic while riding around in their yacht.

There is a half-mile or so breakwater out to a lighthouse that I walked out on. Apparently these tracks were used material out onto the long pier at one time. Concrete was used to smooth out the tracks but the tops remain visible.

A statue and plaque dedicated to the Civilian Conservation Corps workers that worked here from 1933-1945. 

After leaving the docks we went to the Gooseberry Falls State Park to see the waterfalls there.

Beautiful waterfalls!

I don't really know where this cave originated, but I called it a bear cave.  

Gooseberries, namesakes of the park. And no, I didn't sample one. 

More waterfalls. Note the "bear cave" beside the falls. 

More waterfalls. 

Stella in front of the falls. 

There were lots of waterfalls up here. We probably should have driven back up here after all the rainfall. 

Note the difference in the lake between this photo and the first one on this page. The waves crashed all day and night.

This would have been great surfing. We did see some surfers near Duluth when we drove into town.

The rally will kick off this afternoon and we're looking forward to good times.

So long.

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