Thursday, September 18, 2014

Sunday September 14, 2014-Burlington Bay campground, Two Harbors MN

Well, our time here in Minnesota is growing short as we leave tomorrow. Today we rode with Bob and Chris up to the Palisades that is a rocky shoreline above the Gooseberry State Park.  

A large iron ore ship coming in to the harbor. We have several of these coming in while we are here. 

Here is the Palisade area. Some is heavily wooded with paths cut into the grass and trees and most is rocky.

I read that Lake Superior is 31,700 square miles and is the largest (in area) of the Great Lakes, largest freshwater lake in the United States by volume. 

The rocky shoreline. 

If you look closely, you will see people dressed in blue with white helmets on waiting to rock climb the front of the cliff.

Here is a better shot of some of their equipment and ropes. 

Beautiful. No other way to describe it. Beautiful.

So long.

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