Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Tuesday August 2, 2014-Moving Day-Pine View Campground to Grand Casino Campground, Hinckley MN

Before I get started on my entry about moving, I want to put make a few observations of some other guests at Pine View. Lots of folks came to the campground for the Labor Day holiday. We had neighbors on both sides of us this weekend. One group of 4-5 adults along with 3-4 children were camped in a small class C motorhome and a tent for the kids. Most of their time was spent outside because of the lack of space inside, so when it began to rain with heavy thunder on Friday night, both Stella and I both remarked that we hoped they had someplace they could go during the storms. I'm pretty sure the kids were very frightened by the thunderstorms, but of course, we have no way of knowing. I know that on Saturday, they had laid out several blankets and sleeping bags, outside to dry out, but it again rained, so I'm not sure how dry their things were that night. We also noticed the people on the other side of us who were a group in two different units, one couple in a small travel trailer and another couple and an older child in a tiny Casita trailer that didn't look big enough to sleep three people. They too were there Friday night during the thunderstorms and during the very rainy night on Saturday. I know that all of them made it through the nights, but they couldn't have been real comfortable. It makes us all the more thankful for our large and comfortable fifth wheel.

Back to today, we got a rather late start this morning, after 8 o'clock, but still got away about 9:45. The route today was straight up the freeway to the twin cities of Minneapolis/St Paul and then on to Hinckley to a very nice casino campground. We arrived here about 2:30, right on time. We were somewhat delayed in getting checked in, even though we had reservations, because Stella had to go to the casino to get a players card to get a 15% discount on our rates here at the park. It was worth the wait and she just took the free shuttle to the casino and got the free card for a good saving. Older folks that are living on a fixed income you know. 

We got checked in and found our site and got backed in without incident. There is a very high berm behind us that we noticed is lined with lawn chairs belonging to our neighbors. They go up there to sit in their chairs and watch everything going on in the park. I walked up there just to see what could be seen and all I saw was the dirty rooftops of our trailer and the others around us. And they talk bad about the rednecks down south...

So long.

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