Friday, September 26, 2014

Thursday September 25, 2014-Big Red Barn RV Park

I found a huge number of Munzees in Joplin and went over today to capture some of them. I had found a lot of them in the Sam's Club parking lot and there were many more at surrounding store parking lots, so I went over and got 'em, I also found more at a shopping center in downtown Joplin and got a lot of them too. I spent a couple of hours and got about 200 points. Gotta get them when I can.

The rally attendees really started pouring in today, with 5 arrivals. Mike and Peg, from Texas, arrived before Dave and Nancy, our traveling partners from the spring rallies. They were delayed for an hour and a half near McKinney because of a traffic accident. We have been very lucky not to have run into very many accidents in our travels. 

At any rate, when everyone arrived and got set up, we all went to the El Charro Mexican restaurant in Carthage. They advertise Tex-Mex food and it was good, and it was a blessing for us, since we haven't had any good Mexican food for a long time. We enjoyed visiting with our friends and made some tentative plans to travel to Amana together on Sunday. Stay tuned for that!

The rally will actually kick off tomorrow with a Meet and Greet around the fire pit. This park does not have individual pits in the sites but does have a large fire pit in a central location. They also furnish firewood, so all we have to do is bring our lawn chairs and enjoy a nice campfire. We'll be looking forward to it.

So long.

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