Saturday, January 17, 2015

Friday January 15, 2015-Moving Day-Gateway to the Gulf to Cottonwood RV Park

We were up and going pretty early this morning and actually pulled out at 8:30! We were proud, especially because we don't have that far to go today and we were on the road early. I guess the mood kept on going because we only made a quick pit stop just outside Corpus Christi and kept on moving. It was a beautiful day for driving with just a few clouds and warming temperatures. 

The only thing that happened that was notable was a crop duster airplane that surprised me (a lot) when he zoomed over the highway at a low enough altitude that he would have hit the trailer if we had been in his path. Of course we were not near his path and nothing happened. He could obviously have seen us coming, so we were not really in any danger but it was still frightening.

I did notice a huge amount of police presence on the highway.We have always seen many ore police, sheriffs and highway patrol marked units but today they seemed to be traveling in packs of two or three units. Maybe there is some news about smugglers or other criminals. Anyway, it's not my business any more but I thought I'd mention it.

We got here to the Cottonwood Park and soon found our friends. With their help I was soon backed into my space. I did rut up the yard when I had to cut in ti avoid a big orange tree. That's right, we have an orange tree in our yard and tangerine trees across the street, all loaded with fruit. Let's see, good weather, free fresh fruits on the trees, inexpensive site and good friends. How much better can it get?

The rest of the group had made arrangements to go play bingo this evening, but we were tired and stayed home. Ted and Donna dropped by but I was inside and didn't know and they had to leave, so I'll catch up with them later. Mike and Linda also dropped by and I got to see them but they were pressed for time and we'll get together another time. 

Stella and I spent the rest of the afternoon resting up from our two day drive, happy to be here and looking forward to good times.

So long.

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