Saturday, January 17, 2015

Saturday January 17, 2015-Cottonwood RV Park

Our first morning here, the temperatures were 44 when I woke up but about ten minutes later it was 46, so it's warming up quickly. It was clear and nice outside, so I decided to scrape off some of the road grime on my truck from our travels. I went through three buckets of soapy water to get it clean. It was as filthy as its ever been and I still have the trailer to wash. 

After taking a break to rest, the group of us went to the Border Theater in downtown Mission to see Ralph Kuster do an Elvis impressions. When we arrived, we learned that he did many 6- and 70's era  impressions, including everyone from Roy Orbison to Neal Diamond to Peter, Paul and Mary. After singing for an hour and a half, he took a short break and began his Elvis show. He is a very talented man if you ever have a chance to catch his show. He included several members of the audience including all the girls from our group and he even let me sing along with him for a little bit on one of the Elvis songs. I wasn't the only one to get to sing with him, but I did get the chance. It was a lot of fun and killed all afternoon. We decided to go out to eat after, and went to one of our favorites, Martha's Tacquiera Del Sol. Everyone had good food and we enjoyed ourselves. We're making plans on what to do tomorrow, but you'll have to tune back in for the next chapter to find out.

So long.

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